ALPHA can provide environmental inspection, management and abatement oversight services that meet AHERA-Compliant Plans for managing hazardous materials in your facilities. ALPHA’s environmental professionals have over 100 combined years of experience in environmental assessments and maintain multiple EPA certifications in inspection, management planning, project design, and contractor supervision. ALPHA services public, commercial, industrial, healthcare and governmental facilities. ALPHA’S environmental consultants provide services globally, including the US, UK, European Union, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and US protectorates

The process starts with our client’s existing data. ALPHA has experience importing existing data into multiple Facility Asset Management (FAM) applications.  We can use a client’s current FAM application, our application (APPS), or develop a custom solution.  

Once the field data has been captured, we perform more quality checks in the home office before uploading the data into a client’s FAM application. Our APPS application uses industry standard pricing and life cycle models. We can also integrate client FAM applications with other applications such as CMMS.  Currently we are integrating the information from two different FAM applications to support a three-year conversion effort.  

Computer-aided Design (CAD) or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), is the technology used by architects, engineers, drafters and others to create precision drawings or technical illustrations. CAD and CADD software can be used to create two-dimensional drawings or three-dimensional models to help users explore design ideas and visualize concepts quickly and efficiently. 

ALPHA personnel will Inventory and organize drawings on location for the sites included in the scope of work located in a central location. As part of this process, a Master Inventory will be developed detailing drawing information such as site, project information, system, sheet count and size. Drawings will be tagged in preparation for shipping and scanning. 

 The drawings will be scanned, and ALPHA will perform a complete count and QA/QC review. 

 The electronic drawing files will be indexed by a mutually agreed upon naming convention and transferred to an external storage device. The master index initially developed will continue to evolve with the addition of the file name and additional agreed upon details in preparation of the final deliverable. 

 The indexed, original hard copies of drawings will be returned to the client. 

IT Infrastructure Assessments provide valuable information for identifying issues that require immediate attention, capturing a snapshot of the current situation, avoiding outages or serious downtime, communicating need to decision makers and setting the stage for building a comprehensive plan for future infrastructure upgrades. 

Like the rest of ALPHA, IT starts with the end in mind. We work to deliver customized information in a variety of formats.  We have developed online Dashboards, online reports, printed reports, and public web sites. We have integrated the data with the Business Intelligence application, which allows analysts (both our clients and our own) to manipulate the data to meet any reporting need. We also have extensive experience exporting data so that it may be uploaded into other applications.